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Semiconductor Diffusion Heater Element Refurb & Services

Semiconductor Diffusion Heater Element Refurbishment


Each rebuilt diffusion heater element is carefully reverse engineered to assure exact replication of the original diffusion heater. Element components are the same as used by the OEM. Your refurbished elements will have the dimensional, electrical, and operating characteristics of the original OEM.


The following shows which items will be replaced during an element refurbishment. All items will be of the highest quality replacement parts and conform to the OEM original specifications.

TEL Diffusion Heater Element Refurbishment

1) Hard ceramic cleaned and replaced as necessary


2) Kanthal element wire


3) Inner stainless steel shell (if needed)


4) Vacuum fiber insulation


5) Top and bottom end chambers


6) Kanthal Terminal leads


7) Pressure check of water cooling system


8) Water cooling coil


9) Replace all fittings as necessary

TEL Diffusion Heater Element Refurbishment

DS Fibertech Corporation offers refurbishment service of diffusion heater elements from OEMs, such as:


Tokyo Electron (TEL):

VMM-56-002APM, VMM-56-201APM, VMM-40-101APM, VMM40-102APM, VMU-40-102EXAPM, VMM-35-001APM, VMM-35-002APM, VMU-54-001APM, VMU-40-009APM, VMU40-007APM, VMU-40-007EXAPM, VMU-40-007SEAPM, VMU-40-003APM, VMU-28-017APM, VMU-28-014APM, VOS-56-003, VOS-56-002, VOS-40-017, VMU-40-007, VMU-40-103, VMM-40-101, VMM-40-102, VMM-40-005, VMU-28-017, VMU-54-001


Hitachi Kokusai:

F-330C-88V-4Z, F-330C-93V-4Z, D4EX04882, D4EX03531, D4EX02648





Silicon Valley Group (SVG):

602783-02, 602783-03


Various Other OEM Models:

UL-260-08H-MK3(W), HDS-610A5-C, F-210V-87, FC-200, FC200L, DC-1300, DC-1300PLUS, DCHT-500


If you are looking to a refurbish a  diffusion heater that is not listed, please contact us.




Semiconductor Diffusion Heater Repair & Replacement


In addition to a full line of new equipment, DS Fibertech Corporation also offers repair service and replacement parts for used equipment. Immediate 24-hour service can be supported in some situations. A prompt quote for repairs may be obtained by contacting our sales office and explaining your specific needs.




Used & Reconditioned


Also available for sale, are used ovens, furnaces, and diffusion heaters, which are reconditioned at DS Fibertech Corporation. Please contact us for a complete and updated listing of our used equipment inventory.




Diffusion Heater Element Burn-In


DS Fibertech offers burn-in services for your heating elements at our facility, prior to shipping. Benefits of pre-conditioned elements:


  • Helps form aluminum oxide on the element wire

  • Oxide increases the tensile strength of the wire at high temperatures

  • Prolongs the life of the wire

  • Provides protections against elongation of the wire throughout the life of the element

  • Having DSF perform burn-in saves you time, element arrives ready for immediate system install

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