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Vulcan Semiconductor Diffusion Heater (1350°C)

Features In All Configurations

  • Designed for high-temp operations

  • Built-in reinforcements to guard against element sagging at zone interfaces

  • End vestibules resistant to cracking and shrinking under stress

  • High-strength ceramic interlocking separators

  • Kanthal APM element wire

  • Proprietary vacuum-formed ceramic fiber insulation

  • 1800°C rated alumina coating to prevent dust contamination

Horizontal Diffusion Heater
Vertical Diffusion Heater

Vulcan Diffusion Furnace Heater Cross Section (High Temp)

Horizontal Diffusion Heater Cross Section

Kanthal Lead

Lead Isolator

Stainless Steel

Insulation Blanket

Cold Face Layers

Proprietary VF Fiber

Alumina Interlocking Spacer

1800°C Alumina Coating

Semiconductor Diffusion Heaters (Related Products)

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High Temp Vesticule Blocks
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We offer both high and low flow torch elements with an improved design, allowing for greater radiant energy pass through. Available is an extensive line of replacement torches for most major brands, such as; TEL, Kokusai, Tempress, Thermco, and SVG.

Vestibule Blocks


Produced from our proprietary vacuum-formed ceramic fiber insulation rated up to 1500°C. This is an engineered blend of fibers, resulting in a highly durable product resistant to thermal shock. End chambers undergo a secondary process, which toughens the outer skin to allow for greater wear resistance.

Collars & Heat Disks


Produced from 100% high purity inorganic ceramic fibers of alumina and silica woven into textiles with a soft inner layer. They provide a lightweight seal and are used in applications requiring repeated use or ease of handling.

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